Best Blogs about Houseplants for 2020

Best Blogs about Houseplants for 2020

There are so many great websites and communities for information about indoor gardening so we put together a list of some of our favorites! Here are the best blogs about houseplants for 2020:

Let us know any you think we’ve missed by commenting below.

THE LIST (in no particular order)


screenshot of the houseplant guru blog

Urban Jungle Bloggers is an award-winning community of bloggers from around the world which is dedicated to the concept of living with plants and the many ways they enrich our lives. Founded in 2013 by two plant lovers they have become an icon of the plant blogging scene. No list of the best blogs about houseplants would be complete without them. Visit them here.


screenshot of the houseplant guru blog

The Houseplant Guru is dedicated to helping you realize your houseplant dreams with a seemingly endless supply of tips and advice. Do you need to know how to care for a Bird’s Nest Fern or revive a Peace Lily? This blog is for you. Visit them here.


When you hit up the Epic Gardening blog you can tell that they mean business. Their down-to-earth (haha), workmanlike approach is science-based and is broken into sections including edible gardening, hydroponics, aquaponics, house plants and plant problems. We check in with them regularly and always pick up some handy tips. Visit them here.


screenshot of the sill blog

They’re trendy, knowledgeable and they have a range of great products. The Sill is an online plant store that ship potted plants all over the USA and back that up with access to their team of experts for plant care help. They’re included in this list because of the amazing plant care section of their website. Visit them here.


the plant utopia blog

The Plant Utopia is both a blog dedicated to beautiful and exotic house plants and they have an accompanying YouTube channel with many interesting rare plant unboxing videos. Visit them here.


green grow blog

Greengrow is something different. Ever wanted to see daily progression photos of a propagated variegated monstera? Each post is a photo series showing the growth development of a plant. If you’re looking for plant porn, this is it. Visit them here.


succulent city blog

As you might guess, Succulent City is dedicated to every aspect of growing succulents, from propagation and watering techniques to replanting and guides to rare succulents. Just when you think you’ve learnt it all, these guys will teach you something new. Visit them here.

Ro Co

roco blog

Ro Co specialize in enhancing interior spaces by installing and styling plants in living and work environments. Based in London, their philosophy that the integration of plants increases productivity and wellbeing resonates deeply with us. Furthermore, if their blog isn’t enough, you can bury your nose in one of their books on propagation or succulents & cacti. Visit them here.


Mod and Mint is another go-to blog about Plant Care. Creator Deborah Green covers everything from repotting to DIY sun diffuser embroidery! She’s been talking about plants since 2007 so you can trust her expert green thumb. Visit her here.

And there we have it! The best blogs on houseplants for 2020. Of course, the list doesn’t end here. If you’ve got other favorites, drop us a comment below. We’ll never get tired of reading about plants.

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