50 Ways to Style Hanging Plants

Everyone should fill their homes with plants because they bring an element of calm and nature to the space. But sometimes the design process can be tricky. Here’s how to style hanging plants.

There are so many reasons you might want to keep your plants off the ground. For instance, keeping them safe from pets, from the kids, to save space in an apartment or balcony or just because it looks great!

We did some research and found 50 different ideas for how to style hanging plants. There are so many sources out there, so as a result, we found a good range of options for all budgets. From DIY to designer brands, there will be something here to inspire you.

Our list of 50 Ways to Style Hanging Plants:

1. Macrame Hangers

They were popular in the 70s but now they are back! These hangers come in a huge range of styles, with many inexpensive and beautiful handmade pieces available.

Via Etsy

Via Amazon

2. Make a Kokedama

This is an easy DIY project that is sure to impress because of their unique appearance. Kokedamas are Japanese hanging gardens bound with string. Loosely translated, ‘koke’ means moss and ‘dama’ means ball.

Via Gardenista

3. Air Plant Hanger

This contemporary design by elainebjewelry is simple, yet so elegant. Its 5 star rating on Etsy comes as no surprise. So, give your Tillandsia the beautiful display it deserves.

Via Etsy

4. Display Your Trailing Plants in Frames

Who says frames are just for paintings and photos? Upcycling household items to planters is a creative way of decorating your home. For instance, using frames to hang plants is sure to add a point of interest to any wall.

Via Pinterest

5. DIY Fridge Magnet Mini Planters

These are the cutest! Got no room to put your plants? Well stick them on the fridge! In fact, we made some recently ourselves and created this tutorial video.

Via Good Plant Stuff

6. Mini Macrame Hangers

If you’ve got a spare five minutes, consider making yourself a mini macrame hanger. You can also turn it into a keychain or rear-view mirror ornament.

Via Think. Make. Share.

7. Succulents in a Birdcage

For the vintage lovers, a birdcage is a must-have for your plant decor. You could also try putting some climbing plants in there and see how they wrap around the bars as they grow.

Via Balcony Garden Web

8. Hang from driftwood

Driftwood is a popular boho-inspired way to hang your plants. As well as looking good, they are cost effective and no one will have the same piece as you!

Via Decoración

Via simplychivintage on Instagram

9. Hang from a trellis

Happen to have spare shipping pallets but not sure what to do with them? Ilovepalets.com has many great ideas for repurposed shipping pallets – this is just one!

Via I Love Palets

10. Hanging Plant Wall

What’s better than a wall? A plant wall. This article on Apartment Therapy showcases the Brooklyn loft of designer Carlos Fernández

Via Apartment Therapy

11. Hanging Strawberries

Hanging Strawberries! This delicious idea was from Family Food Garden. Elevating the fruit lets them dangle as they grow, hence making them easier to pick and eat.

Via Family Food Garden

12. Pothos Curtain

The pothos plant is fast growing, bushy and grows in a long trail. So naturally, they make great curtains. They are tolerant of low-light and very easy to look after. A pothos plant is a must-have, indeed.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

13. Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are perfect for lush outdoor flower displays.

Via Pinterest

14. DIY Hanging Shelf

Create this beautiful shelf with this amazing tutorial from A Beautiful Mess! Hanging shelves are desirable because of their sturdiness and clean, minimalist look.

Via A Beautiful Mess

15. Suction Cup Planter

This is a brilliant idea for an indoor herb garden. They have an inbuilt water reservoir and can be stuck on windows, tiles or even on your fridge! As a result of this clever feature, you have a lot of versatility depending on your home.

Via Okidome

16. Spanish Moss Hanging Basket

This moss is amazing! It could also be a handy variation on that Cousin It costume for Halloween this year.


17. Hanging Cactus

Cacti aren’t the first type of plant you think of when you are looking for something to hang but we found a few lovely examples for inspiration. This example here is a Monkey’s Tail because, well you can see why. Even so, its funny appearance has made it a popular houseplant to have in many homes.

Via Dave’s Garden

Via Instagram

18. Mid Century Inspired Hanging Plant Holder

If you have more expensive taste then these mid century hangers are for you.

Via Etsy

19. Log Plant Holder

These are handmade by Etsy seller WoodlandFever and are designed for air plants and succulents. If you’re worried about space then don’t worry, these little hangers are only 3.5″ in size!

Via Etsy

20. Succulents in coconut

Do you have a bunch of empty coconut shells lying around? No, me neither but if I did I’d know what to do.

Via Barfuss im November

21. Air plants mounted on cork

This gorgeous display piece can be purchased from AirPlantDesignCentre but could also be a fun DIY project.

Via Etsy

22. Wall Planters from Method mfg

These aluminium wall planters from MethodMfg are sure to impress those neighbors that are always spying on your balcony. At the time of writing this post these planters are currently sold out, but they still inspire us nonetheless.

Via Etsy

23. DIY Hanging Shell Planter

If you also collect shells as well as plants, this great tutorial teaches you how to make this cute shell planter.

Via Gina Michele

24. Enamel Ladle Planters

I love to see every day objects repurposed as planters and what is more handy than the humble ladle? Easy to hang and easy to move to around!

Via Ryland Peters & Small

25. Hang them upside down

Upside down planters have been growing in popularity for the last few years. Design studio Boskke has a range of designs.

Via If it’s hip, it’s here

26. DIY Wall Planter

This fantastic tutorial from the Lana Red Studio blog teaches you how to make an amazing and inexpensive wall planter! There is both a video and a photo-based tutorial.

Via Lana Red Studio

27. Jellyfish air plants

These fun and quirky air plant holders by Cindy Searles are available on Etsy. Finally, a jellyfish that doesn’t sting!

Via Etsy

28. DIY vertical plant hanger

Use this tutorial to make this gorgeous DIY vertical plant hanger. It’s a space saver, it’s suited for a wide range of plants, and therefore a great option to add to your home.

Via I Heart Naptime

29. Garment rack

A garment rack is another quick and versatile solution to your plant storage problems. Additionally, if you live in rental then this is a good alternative to drilling holes in the wall if your landlord is against it.

Via Gravity Home

30. Macrame hanger from wall

If you can’t hang your macrame planter from the ceiling, you can use a wall hook to hang them instead. Some designs will sit more nicely than others, so try and go for a flat design that will hang more flush with the wall.

Via Etsy

31. Textile pocket

Do you have lots of herbs but haven’t got much space? Here’s a cute solution.

Via Flora Pockets

32. Balcony planter

Similarly, balcony planters suit a range of purposes from mini herb gardens to gorgeous displays of flowers.

Via Flora Pockets

33. DIY Hanging Geometric Clay Planter

This neat tutorial by German blog Junifaden teaches you how to make a mini geometric hanging planter. A trendy design, but timeless too!

Via Junifaden

34. From a Wall Bracket

This modern wall bracket can be used for a range of different hangers. Moreover, a wall bracket can relieve the stress of weight from the wall or ceiling.

Via Etsy

35. DIY Hanging Succulent Ball

Has anyone told you that you have too many plants? We all know that’s not true. In fact, this eye-catching succulent cluster is exactly the reason we need as many plants as possible.

Via Lowes

36. DIY Doily Plant Hangers

This is a super simple idea for a plant hanger. Cute and quick, indeed.

Via Homedit

37. Vertical garden

Another type of planter that has been gaining popularity recently is the vertical garden. Best suited for climbing plants such as the Monstera Adansonii, they are a great way to have a lush garden with a small footprint.

38. Hanging geometric planter

You can find a geometric planter just about anywhere.

Via Fernweh Woodworking

39. Hanging Macrame Shelf

Another charming macrame addition to the list is the hanging shelf. You can also style this shelf with candles or ornaments to add some variation.

Via Etsy

40. DIY Clay Planters

Using clay opens up endless possibility! You pick the size, the shape and the color. Besides, you get the satisfaction that you made it all by yourself. Check out the tutorial by Paper & Stitch and get creating. Make them for yourself, or you could also make them as gifts.

Via Paper & Stitch

41. Hanging Salad Basket

A hanging salad bowl is practical because it saves bench space and it has more access to light. Also, vegetables taste better when you grow them yourself!

Via Home Depot

42. Hanging Plants in the Shower

This is a clever placement of plants because there’s no need to drill extra holes for hooks and shelves. Also, the plants get all that humidity from shower usage and thrive even more.

Via Vogue

43. Hang up your mason jars

This is another example of upcycling your household items. Furthermore, upcycling is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly way to hold your plants!

Via The Spruce

44. Hanging Plants Mounted on Cork Bark

These mounted cork barks are beautiful because they mimic how some tropical plants grow on rainforest tree trunks.

Via Instagram

45. Forest Fern Botanical Banner

Etsy seller Floresdelsol handmade this beautiful banner from preserved forest ferns. Of course, you can make your own with any combination of pressed foliage.

Via Etsy

46. Mini Wooden Pallet Boxes

Take a page from The House Gardener book and use these pretty wooden pallet designs. Natural materials such as wood make a great pairing with your greenery, thus making your home feel more natural too.

Via SF Girl by Bay

47. DIY Diamond Hanging Planters

You can’t go wrong with a geometric planter. Unless, of course, it has a pointed bottom and won’t sit on a table. We love this specific design of geometric planter because this diamond shape is best suited for a hanging purpose.

Via The Crafted Sparrow

48. DIY Hanging Succulent Cone

Have you ever bought a hanging planter only to find it’s too heavy for your hook to handle? Look no further! Blogger Eryn has found a super lightweight solution and made hanging planters out of styrofoam. Although, Eryn mentions these planters aren’t too weather-proof so be mindful where you hang them.

Via Eryn with a y

49. Easy DIY Upcycled Plant Hanger

This DIY project only requires 4 supplies and costs next to nothing. We also adore the idea of wrapping twine around a jar to give a new look to a common household item. Quick and easy, but beautiful nonetheless.

Via A Charming Product

50. Cat in a Planter

And finally, this planter contains two of our favorite things.

Via Pinterest

Thanks for reading! We hope it inspired you to try some new ideas. In the meantime, if you enjoyed this post you might also like our other post 14 Ways to Style Devil’s Ivy.

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