18 Gardening Tips from the Community

We asked our Facebook community to share their home gardening tips, and we were stoked with the response! Whether you need some extra tips on growing vegetables or indoor plants, keep reading and we’re sure you’ll give these tips a green thumbs up.

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We had loads of great contributions about the importance of garden soil, potting mix, and garden compost. These tips can be applied to anything! Indoor house plants, container gardening, propagation, you name it.

Gardening Tips from our Community:

“Take the time to prepare the proper environment before new plants arrive. Good soil preparation is the single most important thing you can do for your flowers. Loosen soil to at least 6 inches, add organic matter (such as peat moss, compost, or manure), and mix well. Rake to level.” – Bernadette

“Use organic mulch around all your plants, veggies, shrubs, bushes & trees you just planted. It holds moisture while protecting the roots & base of plant ” – Diana

“Use organic live soil. The difference will blow your mind. Feed the soil instead of the plant.” – Melissa

“Use egg shells crushed as a fertilizer and do not over water anything – use drip system.” – Karen

“Put coffee grounds on your plants” – Judy

“Try to buy decent soil, water when the sun is about to go down if you have outside plants and water while the suns out it will burn up your plants” – Kayla

But wait, there’s more:

We definitely felt nourished reading these home garden ideas that’ll help you push your vegetable garden to the next level!

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“Make sure you have adequate space for whatever you are growing, certain plants spread in different ways (watermelons and pumpkins for example)” – Darvonna

“Strawberry plants enjoy pine needles around them” – Heidi

“My favorite tip to tell people is instead of purchasing tomato plants, find some delicious tomatoes that you love and cut them in half and bury them in soil in small pots. You can grow your own tomato plants that way 🙂 Then all you have to do is transplant the plants into your own garden, you can keep doing this and dry the seeds also. Be it tomatoes, melons, or what ever you are growing.” – Melissa

“I plant my tomato plants half into the dirt so the stem is thicker when it grows and don’t need a cage for them” – Savannah

“Get your kids/grandkids involved in planting and have lots of fun!” – Debra

And we don’t stop there…

Image by Maddy Baker, via unsplash

“Make sure you put it in the best spot possible. Where it gets enough sun but not too much and don’t forget to water I usually do that in the morning before the sun hits it” – Jenn

“Always deadhead your flowering plants, this gives more energy to the rest of the plant.” – Cindy

“Do not spray fungicide 3 on to plant leaves. I accidentally killed all my tomato plants” – Sommer

“Be careful of over watering to prevent root rot and replant and root bound plant for it to thrive better 🌺” – Amanda

“Always tickle the roots before planting …… They take hold much quicker” – Liz

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